Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Wowza! Just got off the phone with Todd from Destiny Homes, who acted like a complete child on the phone. I called Kim at 801.544.1974 to ask for copies of my final walk through paperwork so I could file it as part of my small claims lawsuit and guess who refuses to give it to me??? Thats right, good ole' Destiny Homes. I spoke with Kim about the situation and when I pressed her for the copies of the paperwork and their main address, she quite literally hung up on me. Within five minutes, I had Todd call me back and threaten me. Whenever I call, they act like "oh, you have some work we need to do on your house, right?" knowing that they have been giving me the run around. I dont trust them, their workmenship or the people they contract with to work on my home. Dennis, himself became physically aggressive with me back in December and was swearing and cursing me out in my own home. This company has gotten away with this type of behavior for way too long and other consumers need to be protected. A home isnt a small investment, for most people it is one of the biggest investment of their lives. Who wants to buy a house and then experience nothing but problems and then realize their contractor is the most dishonest guy around? Everyone working with the Destiny Homes famiy and D H I Contruction seems to be nothing but liars and swindlers. The phone calls today mark the second time I have been threatened by someone with Destiny Homes. Who conducts business like that? Apparantly, Destiny Homes does.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Coming and Going

In the past week alone, I have had someone show up at my house unannounced who are supposedly here to fix the issues with my home. Hoewever, these visits last less than five minutes and the problems never get fixed. I just had a strange guy show up at my house, who is walking around my backyard throwing my kids toys all around and screaming on the phone. I go outside and ask if I can help him and he says he his here to grade my lot but cant do it today. What??? Then why are you here? This is very typical of dealing with Dennis and the Destiny Homes crew. They send people over to act like they are helping yet nothing gets done. Our final walk-through paperwork was done back in August of 2010 and we still have 4 things listed that have not been completed. Argh!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cutting Corners

While, I am sure many if not all contractors cut corner here and there, it seems that "cutting corners" is Dennis Higley's motto. I have spoken to numerous people who have purchased homes from him over the years and I have yet to hear a positive thing about him. He will do just about anything to save a buck and will avoid any type of real cost to repair and/or fix something. Trying to get a hold of him or having a phone call returned is virtually impossible. As it sits now, almost a year from my final inspection date, numerous repairs have yet to be made. I have been warned by my neighbors that I should not expect much from him. He knowingly ran into a neighbors foundation causing numerous cracks which they hide and later had to repair, "forgot" to insulate another neighbors attic, and builds home in areas with high water tables and yet does nothing to prevent flooding. He is anything but professional, skirts around issues at hands and pawns his work off on other contractors. In the following post, I will discuss the particular issues we have faced with our home and with Dennis himself.

Home for Sale

The process of purchasing a home can be stressful, frustrating, and aggravating. Given the current economy and real estate market, the home buying process is about as fun as having a root canal. Last summer here in Davis County, Utah I found myself part of this process and although I love my new home, I wish I would have done more research on my contractor and builder. I wish I would have talked to my no neighbors about issues or problems they encountered with the builder. I remember searching for information about the builder online and finding nothing. This blog is here to serve my fellow Utahns who are thinking about purchasing or building a home with Destiny Homes, namely Dennis Higley. Had I had the information I know now, we would have went with another contractor. While I am not out to hurt Destiny Homes or Dennis Higley, I feel as a homebuyer and consumer, it is my right and responsibility to make other people aware of what they may end up dealing with.